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Significant savings and an abundance of new features are driving a mass migration toward VoIP. Tens of thousands of people per day are choosing VoIP over land lines. When they do, they get new capabilities that either were not available or cost extra with old time phone service. When I took that step, it was an eye-opening experience. Suddenly I discovered how these features enhance my communications. With VoIP, “we the people” can reduce our phone bill, get more value or both.

“VOIP services allow people to dynamically structure the way they communicate and to customize and personalize messages in a way that is impossible with traditional telephones. … Adding enhancements to voice is no longer a highly complex and expensive modification to the network – now it is just a matter of adding to the next software release.” — Michael K. Powell, former FCC Chairman

The purpose of this post is to whet your appetite for this technology by listing my favorite VoIP benefits in the tradition of a Top 10 list.

#10 International Calling — Some providers and plans include unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada. My residential plan also includes Puerto Rico plus overseas locations like Europe, China, and Australia. Countries not included are just pennies per minute.

#9 Mobile Convergence — This type of phone has both cellular and VoIP capability and will automatically route a call to the customer’s best advantage: VoIP when an Internet hotspot is in range and cellular when it is not. This is a powerful emerging technology that will help me cut my cellular bill.

#8 Phone Number Choice — I kept my existing phone number. But, I could have chosen a Minneapolis, Toronto, or Portland phone number. Why? So people in any of those cities could call me like it’s a local number. In fact, I can purchase multiple “virtual numbers.”

#7 Web-based Account Management — It’s cool to use my customer Website to see the people I called and who called me. I can find out how long we talked and how often. I can change feature settings, listen to voicemail, and much more!

#6 Call Forwarding — Automatic rollover to the phone number of my choice if Internet service goes down. I also have the ability to have my inbound calls ring one or more numbers simultaneously or in sequence so I never miss a call.

#5 Calling Features — Lots of familiar calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting and 3-way calling are included. 3-way calling is like a mini conferencing capability with practical uses for both business and pleasure. I use it a lot!

#4 Voicemail — I recommend looking for a provider that offers a feature-rich voicemail service included in their basic plan. I like the feature that sends my voice messages to my email account.


#3 Video Calling — The cost includes the video phone (mine was $199) plus the provider’s monthly service plan. Now I can both see AND hear my family, friends and colleagues. People can’t imagine how great video calling is until they experience it!

#2 Equipment — My existing phones all work with my VoIP service and the digital adapter was free.

#1 Savings — Typical residential rates are $25-40+ per month depending on the provider and the calling plan. Mine is $24.95.

There are plenty of other options and features that didn’t make my Top 10 that might be on your list. That is unless you haven’t made the VoIP migration. In which case, you probably don’t even have a Top 10.

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3 thoughts on “VoIP Top 10

  1. Great quote and compelling reasons for everyone to take a look at

    VoIP phone systems. The only cloud I can see is an impending shakeout amongst service providers. Most of the players are SMBs and they’ve got a significant juggling act to handle: cash flow, customer service and growth.

  2. I agree totally about the juggling act challenge and in part with your expectation of a shakeout, which would be normal in a rapidly-expanding industry. However, its potential to be a cloud affects only those backing the wrong horse as business customers or as investor/partner/employee. Residential users can change horses easy enough.

    Thanks for stopping by and adding your 2-cents worth.

  3. voip…

    Interestingly, one point that was not mentioned by anyone[ that I could find anyway] is the reduction in authoritarian control over that communication, either in writing or in speech now that VOIP has expanded to make‘ long distance operators’ pret…

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