Facing Fear

There’s something about business ventures that is both exciting and frightening. This is true for men and women alike. Imagine getting a call from a close friend. With excitement gushing from the phone he screams, “I’ve found the perfect business opportunity for us!” What your first reaction be excitement or fear? If you answered fear, this blog is for you.

Ask yourself, “What specifically am I afraid of?” You have to be honest about your fears before you can conquer them. Mentally put your initials by each fear that could keep you from going into business with your friend.

______ Fear of Rejection

______ Fear of Fear of Humiliation

______ Fear of Adrenaline

______ Fear of Change

______ Fear of Failure

______ Fear of Success

______ Fear of Hard Work

______ Fear of Not liking it

______ Fear of Losing money

______ List Other Fears _____________________________________________

Imagine the Worst

Now, close your eyes and imagine gathering all the courage you can muster and “taking the plunge” with your fears gnawing away at your determination. As you take action, imagine the worst possible scenario: sacrifice, exhaustion, insomnia, rejection, bankruptcy and humiliation. This opportunity could bring about drastic changes in your life. Did you break out into a cold sweat?

Imagine the Best

Let’s flip over to the positive side. Imagine the good things that could occur by taking action. The first is that you could conquer your fears. That alone might make action worthwhile. You could eliminate financial problems for yourself and help a lot of others along the way. You could enjoy the opportunity, make new friends, make a difference in the community and become a better, stronger person. Take several minutes to visualize these types of good outcomes that could occur from saying “yes” to the opportunity. This opportunity could bring about drastic changes in your life. It could be the best decision you ever made!

Putting Fear In Its Place

Fears are both learned and imagined. A baby does not fear falling until it experiences the negative consequences of hitting the ground. Rational fears like this help keep us safe. Somewhere along the line the imagination intervenes. The fear of falling grows into a fear of heights. Think about it. They are not the same thing.

Imagined fears deny us great opportunities. These fears are irrational because ….

  • The feared outcome happens less often than imagined;
  • The feared outcome is seldom as bad as imagined;
  • The potential positive outcomes are often much better than the imagined negative ones;
  • With courage, commitment, coaching, training, and practice fear can be defeated;
  • Enjoyment could replace fear.

The best way to overcome fear of any opportunity is to focus on the positive. Be aware of the risks for sure. But dream big and dream often about the many potential benefits. Then, share your dreams with others. As you nurture the dream, it grows and becomes more real. The fears will shrink and eventually become insignificant.

“Think you can, think you can’t; either way, you’ll be right.” — Henry Ford

“My dreams are bigger than my excuses.” — Andre Maronian

God Bless,

— CC

© Copyright July 2008, Clancy Cross. All rights reserved.
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