Instant Movies

This post is a departure from my normal approach. I usually do some research, create several drafts, rewrite, polish, and let it sit for a few days waiting for a better idea or angle.  Today I was making a video call to my telecom business partners Bill, Mark, and Jeremiah about 25 miles away at Jeremiah’s place of business.  I didn’t know this in advance, but they got crazy and hooked their video phone to a large screen TV.  Then they dialed me up and captured the demo  call on their cell phone camera.  Within about 5 minutes I was on the Internet.  If they can do all of that in 15 minutes, I ought to be able to recount the story in 15 minutes or less (not counting the time it took to get the idea.)

So, go to: and see what an inexpensive video phone using GlobaLINX digital phone service, an off-the-shelf cell phone, a big expensive TV, and a little ingenuity can do.  Voila!  I’m an international movie star!  Okay, the videographer  (Mark) needs some practice.  But hey, we had fun!

God bless,

— CC

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