Exercising the Smile Muscles

As time goes on I become  more convinced that many of the problems we face are the direct result of trying to compartmentalize the different parts of our lives, sometimes going as far as having different principles for each. Lately I’ve been trying to tear down these silos in my own life  and live with a commitment toward greater alignment between my values and my words, attitudes and actions.

While I’m convinced this is the right move, it is not without its hazards — focus for one has become a casualty.  So often I’ll find myself listening to a sermon at church and thinking, that’s a great theme for this week’s business presentation or thinking a “God-thought” during a business meeting.  This apparent lack of focus can be downright frustrating.  Then again, I’m convinced that it’s the way I should have been living all along, as one person with just one set of values and beliefs, who happens to wear many hats.  There is something very liberating about being my true self at all times.  Becoming more genuine means there isn’t as much to remember because I am no longer a slave to the opinions of others.  I’m smiling just thinking about this rediscovered freedom!

Another hazard will happen when people discover the new me (or is it the real me they didn’t know because of my silos?)  Will they be confused?  Will they be afraid?  Will they think I’ve changed?  Well yes, I am changing.  But, only in the sense that I’m changing back into just one person.  Good-bye schizophrenia!   Will they think I “got religion?”  (I’m smiling again.)

One way I feel the change is in my willingness to admit a goof-up.  I’m not talking about moral failings as much as those trivial flubs that make me look like a klutz or a dope.  It’s a lot easier to laugh about them.  If people want to think I’m a big dummy, let them!  (I just did 10 more reps with the smile muscles.)

Where in your life can you become more genuine?  You don’t have to surrender the private parts of your life with the whole world.  You do have to make sure they are in full alignment with your true values.  Then you too can be liberated.

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