4 thoughts on “Tribute to Cole Smoot

  1. I am so happy that this was published. Alot of people have asked me about this and some of them stopped taking drugs because they saw this.

    R.I.P. Cole Ryan Smoot

    • cole ryan smoot
      im sorry it had to be this way. im glad that this can make a difference. But it shouldnt have to. it shouldnt of had to go this far, it shouldnt of took you passing away for people to care, we lost someone great and it hurts, its almost been a year and it feels like it was just yesterday. i love you so much, and i miss you more and more each day. to the point where this doesnt even feel like reality anymore, But you have made a difference, i love and miss you so much. .R.I.P. Sweetheart. ❤
      January 13, 95- February 12. 2011.

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