Quotes Plus 4/2/2012

“Most, I fancy, have discovered that to be born
is to be exposed to delights and miseries
greater than imagination could have anticipated;
that the choice of ways at any cross-road
may be more important than we think; and
that short cuts may lead to very nasty places.”
– “The Vision of John Bunyan”, by C.S. Lewis, 1962.

From the pen of CSL we are reminded that life can be boiled
down to the following realities about cause and effect:

1) Every thought and action has consequences.
2) By choosing our thoughts and actions we indirectly
     choose our consequences.
3) Small things matter, too.  In fact, maybe they’re
     not so small after all.

“Free will is the modus operandi of destiny.”
– “On Stories, by C.S. Lewis, 1947.

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