Small Business Owners – Help is on the Way!

Small business is the engine of the American economy.  This is not a cliche, it’s a fact.  “So, what else is new?” you ask sarcastically?  Well, let me tell you what’s new.  To support the entrepreneurs in our community, Development Beyond Learning is bringing Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge to town for a special training workshop specifically for owners of small businesses.  As a business owner, whether you are struggling to survive OR ready to go to the next level, this day has your name written all over it.

Howard Partridge is a business owner and
John C. Maxwell certified coach.

Tom Ziglar is CEO of Ziglar, Inc. AND
proud son of world-famous Zig Ziglar.

By the way, did you notice that I said “workshop.”  This is not a big arena, bring-your-binoculars,  seminar for thousands of faceless people.  It’s a close-up, interactive, hands-on, full-day workshop with two experts in the field of professional development.  The date is September 20, 2012.  Details and registration information are available at:

NOTE: Seating is very limited so this event will likely sell out quickly as it has in other cities around the world.

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