This week “Clancy’s Quotes” will reach a major milestone — 100,000 page views!  I know there are plenty of sites that attract this much traffic in a day.  But, I’m not Apple Computers, ESPN or Playboy Magazine.  By comparison, there are far more sites that will never hit 1,000.  I guess being in the middle is a good thing.

Here’s another interesting piece of data.  During the last couple of years my blog has consistently appeared at or near the top of the charts when people Google “professional attitude.”  Today I am number two.  The previous several weeks I was number one.  Why?  I’m still trying to figure out how this happened.

I often wonder what draws people to a site with someone else’s philosophies about life and career?  Specifically, why do people care about what I think?  This I might never understand.  What I do know is that I am grateful for those who value ideas and think deeper than what’s on the sports page or showing on “Entertainment Tonight.”

Thanks for visiting my blog, reading my book, attending my workshops and being interested in what I have to say!  More importantly, thanks for your commitment to learning and growing professionally and for demonstrating the importance of this to those who look up to you.

God bless!

— CC

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