Here’s a short lesson about leveraging business events to build business relationships.  It begins with the news that Bryan Flanagan, Zig Ziglar’s #1 business trainer, is coming to Dayton on January 24, 2013.  For my Ohio friends and colleagues, including my connections on LinkedIN, this is your chance to make a face-to-face connection with one of the industry’s best sales trainers.  (See details on line.)

However, this post is also a reminder about the importance of facetime with those whom you have a relationship and those with whom you would like to develop a relationship.  That’s where networking comes in.  From a career perspective, networking is often cited in the top 10 things a career professional must do regularly in order to be successful.

John C. Maxwell wrote a book called, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.”  In these four words, Maxwell reveals why so many people struggle in their careers — their relationship-building skills are either weak or not employed.  In part, I blame technology.  LinkedIN and FaceBook are great communication tools, but they lack the relationship-building power of face time.  It’s time for career-minded professionals to step away from the computer and get in front of people.

Sales managers, sales professionals and other supporters of the sales function, have an opportunity to spend a day with Bryan Flanagan.  The benefits are clear: you’ll learn a lot, be entertained and possibly start a relationship with Bryan or someone else you meet.

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