Dealing With Difficulties

Personal and professional development is not what some think it is.  It’s not about eliminating or even reducing our difficulties.  So you you might be asking, why bother with it?  Development leading to growth…

  • Alters our attitudes about difficulties so we are open to what they can do FOR us, not TO us;
  • Prepares us to deal more effectively with the inevitable difficulties of life;
  • Teaches us to respect and value life’s challenges for what they are — growth opportunities;
  • It reveals the role good character has in avoiding many of the most common difficulties;
  • Strengthens us for bigger challenges;
  • Gives us wisdom that we can use to help others deal with their challenges; and
  • Rewards us with more meaningful challenges — the kind that lead to greatness.

“…life is supposed to be difficult!  It’s what enables us to grow.
Remember, earth is not heaven!”

— Rick Warren, The Purpose-Driven Life, p. 173.

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