There Oughta Be a Law!

A recent post on Facebook got me thinking about the Federalist Papers.  You know, that collection of writings from the days of our country’s founding that inspired public dialog about the form of limited government we should establish.  This led me to thoughts about the founders like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and observers like Alexis de Tocqueville.  It’s sad to think about how far we’ve drifted from the founders’ intentions and dare I say, what God intended!

Here’s my conclusion.  Until more people take full responsibility for their own lives and their families’ lives we will be hopelessly stuck in a culture that is defined by a philosophy summarized by three phrases: “There oughta be a law…there oughta be a government program…there oughta be regulations…”  Let’s please stop looking to government for solutions to every problem!  Instead of Uncle Sam, we should be looking to Father God.

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