Home Runs, Strike-outs and the Alphabet

The alphabet, that wonderful invention that makes possible the books and blogs we read, begins with just one letter.  Likewise, every song begins with that first sound.  Is this a coincidence?

“Why is the alphabet in that order.  Is it because of that song?”

— Steven Wright

In baseball, every strike-out begins with “Strike One!”  Every Grand Slam home run begins with someone getting on base.  Every perfect game begins with someone making an out.  Have we discovered a pattern?

Let’s consider a few more thoughts about small preceding big such as, “Every ending has a beginning and that beginning is something small.”  Sure, occasionally some big thing intervenes in life to stimulate amazing outcomes.  But, without the countless little things that came before and those that followed, that one big thing is impotent and meaningless.

Here’s another. “Everything that matters began with something and that first something began with a decision that led to an action.” Big or small, our lives are driven by decisions.  Then there’s this one.  “Everything big or small matters because it is both the next step in the chain and the first step in a new one.”  Putting these two together leads to this interesting thought.  “Small decisions are the big connections in the chain of life.”  I suspect the truth is that if we could see our lives with perfect vision, memories and understanding we would realize that our greatest achievements were the result of a miles-long chain of seemingly insignificant decisions and actions.

Investing in yourself and others is one of those little things
that’s really not so little.

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Why is it that human beings overlook or ignore the significance of the small, placing their hope on the promise of something big wrapped in a pretty bow?  Here’s the million dollar question.  “What small things are you neglecting that are keeping you from something you really want and need?”  Could it be apologizing to someone you hurt?  Maybe it’s that book you’ve been putting off or procrastination about cleaning your desk.  Then again, maybe it’s something truly big like making room in your life for God.  Take hold of enough of the right things, big or small, and you’ll find yourself beyond success at the very edge of significance!

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