A Legal Performance-Enhancing Formula

Preparation and performance are the subjects.  Let’s take a look at them from a competitive perspective. Like it or not, life is competitive.  Observation reveals that we enjoy competition for its entertainment value and we benefit from it personally when we leverage its performance value.

Because competition is important, we hate it when people cheat to get a head start.  However, there’s a performance-enhancing, head start formula that is honest and accessible to everyone.  Those who use it are positioned to consistently outperform their competition.  If you’re ever questioned about your success, just say…

All I did was believe and plan,
Search for an opportunity and take immediate right action.

Make a note that preparation is both the heart and the most often neglected ingredient of this performance-enhancing formula.

Opportunity and Preparation

Most people associate preparation with hard work.  Is that fair?  Yes, of course it is!  However, hard work and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive.  They are no less connected than any other task and the way we feel about the purpose it supports.

A skill is only as valuable as the purpose it serves.

If you can’t enjoy the preparation there’s likelihood you won’t enjoy the real work either.  Part of preparation is practice for the real thing.  Therefore, it’s also a test to see if this opportunity matches your purpose and passion.

“Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude.
like fun.” – Colleen C. Barrett

How we feel about preparation in general is a good litmus test for our success in general. Here are six attitudes that lead people to invest in their personal and professional development.

Two Attitudes of an Irresponsible Person

These are the survival attitudes and primary triggers of people who are likely to prepare only when they find themselves on the brink of disaster.  They begin preparation when…

  • They are desperate and have no other choice.
  • Their preparation is required by regulation or mandate from a supervisor.

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

Two Attitudes of a Responsive Person

These are people who have a limited awareness and understanding of their own state of readiness.  Yet, they sometimes recognize an advancement opportunity and respond by preparing for it, especially when lead by an influential person.

  • They are attracted to a specific and compelling opportunity.
  • They are encouraged to prepare by a person they like, respect and trust.

“To be conscious of one’s ignorance is the beginning of wisdom.”  – N. Sri Ram

Two Attitudes of a Proactive Person

This defines the minority of people who diligently and proactively invest in themselves.  These special people are among the first to see opportunities and the ones who create opportunities for themselves and others.

  • They are inspired by their own vision and sense of purpose.
  • They believe in the innate value of life-long personal development and have built into their lives a strategy and program for doing so.

“Wisdom is the power that enable us to use knowledge
for the benefit of ourselves and others” –


“To retire is to die.” – Pablo Casals

We choose out beliefs, choose our attitudes, then choose how and when we respond to opportunities.  This is how we choose our lives!

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