Make Your Alarm Unnecessary

I was born with built-in alarm systems — you, too! When our bodies are in the early stages of dehydration, we feel thirsty. When your body wants to be fed, you feel hungry. When my mind and body need a rest, I feel sleepy. When our brains need nourishment they crave a lecture or workshop. Okay! A metaphor can be stretched only so far before it gets weird. Still, there’s a point to be made.

Feeling a little bit hungry or a little bit thirsty is a biological reminder.  If you don’t respond, that reminder doesn’t quit. Instead it turns up the volume and becomes an alarm that is hard to ignore. It’s saying that you have taken your first steps toward death. Unfortunately, we are not born with such an alarm system that tells us when our minds are hungry and thirsty. If we were, the training rooms, libraries, bookstores and conference centers would be jam-packed 24 hours a day.

There’s good news in this story.  You can learn to be your mind’s reminder and alarm.  Better yet, form good habits that minimize the need for an alarm.  You can do so by first believing that its important.  Then, with a plan and an accountability strategy, you can form the habit of feeding your mind daily and enjoy mental, emotional and spiritual growth.   Action Masters Network could be the very tool you need to make this transformation.  Get engaged and enjoy what happens!

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