Are You a Pathfinder?

A pathfinder is “one who discovers a way.”  When pathfinders go the way of their discovered path and share it with others, they are also behaving as leaders.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
— John C. Maxwell

It matters little, after the fact, how one discovered and claimed the pathway.  Whether it was by reading, observation, listening, experience or by chance, the important part is that they discovered it and are using it, growing it and sharing it with others.  That’s how leaders are born and how they live meaningful lives.  That being said, why leave it up to chance?

CrossAbilities! is on a pathfinding mission that focuses on three priorities:

  • Know the Way:  We build a community of pathfinders who together learn the principles of an honorable, purposeful life.
  • Go the Way: We work hard to master and apply what we learn, holding each other accountable to our goals.
  • Show the Way:  We seek others who desire growth and success and walk with them down the pathway of significance.

If you are a pathfinder, congratulations and thank-you!  The world needs you.  If you are not, you have three choices.  1) You can join a pathfinder community like ours.  2) You can start your independent quest for meaning and significance.  3) You can continue wandering, leaving your legacy to chance and never discovering your true potential.  The choice is up to you.  Choose wisely!

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