Key Moments of American Freedom

July 4, 1776, the date that marks the historic event when 56 men officially put their necks on the line, declaring American sovereignty and freedom from English rule.

The summer of 1980 I declared my own independence and self-sovereignty. I just claimed it, moved out of the house, and went about my life as an adult.  Mom and Dad let me go without a fight.  America had to work much harder for her independence.

England wasn’t happy nor was she cooperative when the American colonies rebelled.  America had to fight a war to prove its declaration was more than a bluff.  Had we lost, the men who signed the Declaration would have been executed for treason and stripped of their assets as the spoils of war.

America was the underdog with limited resources to fight the Revolutionary War against mighty England.  However, the colonies were well prepared emotionally and strategically.  They believed in a purpose that was just and backed up by Almighty God.  The rest is history!

Even so, America had to fight yet again to prove the first American victory was more than a fluke.  In fact, to this day we have fought many battles to protect our freedom and prove our strength to do so.  The war of 1812 was an attempt by England to take back America.  It was that war’s decisive battle at Fort Henry that inspired an attorney, Francis Scott Key, to write a poem that eventually became our National Anthem.  If England had won that battle, we would not be singing The Star Spangled Banner at events we cherish.

Since then, we have gone to war to protect our vulnerable freedom from external and internal enemies.  Two special American symbols – our National Anthem and our Pledge of Allegiance symbolize freedom and the price we pay to protect it.

I challenge you to fetch a box of tissues and watch these two powerful,  patriotic videos.

The Birth of Our National Anthem  -by Robert Surgenor

The Meaning of Our Pledge of Allegiance – by Comedian Red Skelton


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