“Hero of the Month Club” Debut

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Men’s Basketball Coach Shaka Smart is the first inductee into my Hero of the Month Club.  Here are five reasons why …

  • He collects inspirational quotations.  (So do I!)
  • He has ties to the University of Dayton.  (So do I!)
  • He loves to learn.   (So do I!)
  • He is a leader.  (So am I!)
  • He has beaten the odds and made it to the Final Four.  (Okay, 4 out of 5 isn’t bad!)

Coach Smart is at a point where preparation and opportunity intersected.  Is he lucky?  You bet!  But, Smart is the hottest ticket in college basketball today because he prepared, period!  That’s the biggest reason Coach Shaka Smart is my hero for the month of March 2011.