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25 Attributes of a Professional

When you think of top-notch professionals, who pops into your mind? Who do you know personally that best exemplifies “professionalism? ” What characteristics do they have that most other people are lacking?

This series contains my top 25 attitudes, characteristics, skills, virtues, and disciplines of a 21st-Century professional. Based on the list below, it would appear that professionalism is a lot of work. Is all of this stuff really necessary? To paraphrase the legendary Zig Ziglar, the answer is, “No. You can be mediocre without it.”

The ABC’s
Title Date
A = Attitude “Professional Attitude” 3/26/09
B = Behavior “Professional Behavior” 8/18/08
C = Conversation “Constructive Conversation” 8/20/08
D = Dress “Dress Up” 8/25/07
E = Entertainment “That’s Entertainment!” 8/27/08
F = Finish “The Finish Line” 8/31/08
G = Grace “Amazing Grace” 9/4/08
H = Heart “The Heart of it All” 9/7/08
I = Integrity “Integrity and Honor” 9/25/08
J = Joviality “Joy Means Grinning Inside” 10/3/08
K = Kindness “Let’s Not Forget Kindness” 10/18/08
L = Language “Watch Your Language” 10/24/08
M = Mistakes “Make More Mistakes” 10/30/08
N = Netiquette “Your Netiquette is Showing” 11/18/08
O = Optimism “Optimize Your Optimism” 11/20/08
P/Q = P’s and Q’s “Mind Your P’s and Q’s” 11/26/08
R = Responsibility “Assume Responsibility” 11/30/08
S = Service “Service With a Soul” 12/18/2008
T = Teaching “The 3 E’s of Teaching” 12/29/2008
U = Understanding “Seek Understanding” 1/20/2009
V = Vision “Dream Baby, Dream!” 1/28/2009
W = Work Ethic “Elbow Grease” 2/1/2009
X = eXcellence “Your Excellency!” 2/5/2009
Y = Youth “Make Way for Youth” 2/13/2009
Z = Zone “Zoning In” 2/22/2009


The ABC’s of Professionalism (blog series) has been revised and expanded into a book entitled Professionalism from A to Z: 26 Qualities of a Career-minded Person.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Revised, enhanced, updated and expanded chapters
  • More quotations-lots!
  • Quotation sources added
  • Quotations indexed
  • Illustrations
  • Additional chapters
  • The entire series of essays in one convenient volume

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