We all need encouragement.  It’s both humbling and uplifting to know that God can use anyone (even me) to make a positive difference.   But, isn’t that the reason we’re here  on this third rock from the sun at this particular time ?  Here are samples of the comments about Clancy’s Quotes:

  • “I love what you provide. Many of your writings and the quotes you provide have been very timely for me.”
  • “It’s always enjoyable to hear profound sayings that reinforce my beliefs. It’s also fun and stimulating to read things that take my thoughts and, hopefully, my actions in a new direction. And it can be unsettling to read things that are difficult to reconcile with my beliefs. But all three are valuable and your quotes deliver.”
  • “Thanks Clancy.  Amen!!  A great way to start the day with your weblog and in the word of God.”
  • “I cannot tell you how many times that your email has hit me right between the eyes with something I needed.”
  • “I really enjoyed this weeks quote #77. Thank You and keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Those thoughts and quotes were great!”
  • “I just found your great post online and included it in my blog post for today… Thanks for the inspiration.”
  • “Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.”
  • “Clancy  – this is one of the best you have put together. Perhaps it just seems to be appropriate right now, but it sure is timely.”
  • “Good job, something to keep us on our toes.”
  • “Thanks so much – keep those great quotes coming!”
  • “The limerick got me. ROFL”
  • “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please take me off of your future weekly mailings.  Thanks.”
  • “Always fun to read! Thx.”
  • “Your writings are inspiring, encouraging and helpful. I personally enjoy the “KISS” writings. Keep It Short & Simple.”
  • “Thank you for continuing to send me the quotes, I find them helpful just in everyday life.”
  • “What a wonderful message. Thank you”
  • “This is an excellent concept to keep in mind, thanks!”
  • “Overall, I love the post and I even like the metaphor – even if it shows OUR age.”
  • “Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.”
  • “I enjoyed reading your blog.”
  • “Once again, I must write and let you know how much I appreciate the service you offer. Your characterization of success was especially meaningful to my life right now. One of the quotes that stood out to me especially was Aristotle‘s, ‘We are what we repeatedly do.'”
  • “I continue to enjoy your writings, keep up the good work.”
  • “I love how your mind works.  So much so that I shared this column with the school board and teachers at …”
  • “Wow, great topic.  I’m so happy to have come across this blog.”
  • “Great website, You offer amazing encouragement.”
  • “Hey, nice site! And interesting post.”
  • “Love your thoughts and quotes for today! Very inspiring.”
  • That made me laugh out loud!
  • great quotes there…keep it up, its insightful, helpful
  • Great concept! It’s good to see so many inspirational ideas in one place.

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