I believe you can learn what is important to a person by what he reads, watches, and listens to.  Below you will find a partial list of important items in my personal library, some of which make up my “mind menu” or my “success library.”  When I read, I read with a purpose, highlighting passages, making margin notations, taking notes, and writing summaries to maximize what soaks in. Do you?

My Mind Menu consists of books, periodicals, recordings and Web sites that I use in my personal development program.

“From the neck down, very few people are worth more than $100.00 a week. From the neck up, there is no limit to what an individual is worth. So what do we do? We feed our stomachs, the $100.00 part below our necks, every day. How often do we feed our minds, the part that has no limit to its value, earning and happiness potential? … Most of us feed it accidentally and occasionally, if it’s convenient or we don’t have anything else to do.”
-– Zig Ziglar (1926- ), American author, salesperson, motivational speaker. See You At the Top, 1978, p. 245.

All successful people I know have such a collection and use it almost daily. I love Books!  Audio recordings are great, too.  They can turn an ordinary car into a university on wheels.

More Books:

More Books (with my comments):