“Call For Revolution, A” by Martin L. Gross

A Call for Revolution
by Martin L. Gross

Let me assure you that this book has nothing to do with gun-toting, bomb-throwing, brain-dead radicals. It is a thoughtful yet, passionate wake-up call to all Americans. In this sequel to his bestseller The Government Racket: Washington Waste From A To Z, Martin L. Gross begins with a “thirty-three point bill of indictment” which contains familiar ideas like:

  • Article 1 — Our tax laws are destroying the middle class.
  • Article 4 — The welfare program is a national disgrace.
  • Article 22 — Former public officials are part of a destructive lobbying system.
  • Article 27 — The expensive feast of congressional pork must be stopped.

But, unlike politicians spewing empty rhetoric, Gross supports these ideas with sound factual evidence, specific examples, and straightforward reasoning, resulting in a level of credibility rarely achieved in forums like the House floor.

This might be my favorite political book probably because Mr. Gross calls a spade a spade, regardless of who plays it. He hits both political parties hard and not just to appear balanced. Here’s an example of what I mean:

“Who are the champion PAC-takers? In Congress, there is no contest. It is Dick Gephardt of Missouri, Democratic Majority Leader and former presidential candidate. In the 1991-92 election cycle, he took in $1,240,597 in PAC money. In the Senate, it’s probably Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who raised $2,038,057 from PACs for his reelection bid.”

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