“Don’t Touch That Dial” by Hattemer & Showers

Don’t Touch That Dial: The Impact of the Media on Children and the Family
by Barbara Hattemer and Robert Showers

ISBN 1-56384-035-9

There is much food for thought in this analysis of modern media; lots of studies are cited and the analysis is insightful. The authors, Hattemer and Showers, use excerpts from the old Motion Picture Code as a clever way to introduce the premise of each chapter. Examples are:

Chapter 4: Sexual Trends in the Media

“Pictures shall not infer that low forms of sex relationship are the accepted or common thing.” — The Motion Picture Code, 1930-1966

Chapter 10: Media Violence — The Verdict Is In

“The technique of murder must be presented in a way that will not inspire imitation. Brutal killings are not to be presented in detail. Revenge in modern times shall not be justified … The use of firearms should be restricted to essentials.” — The Motion Picture Code, 1930-1966

Chapter 13: Prosocial Programming — A Vision for the Future

“Mankind has always recognized the importance of entertainment and its values in rebuilding the bodies and souls of human beings.” — The Motion Picture Code, 1930-1966

Chapter 16: Consensus and Recommendations for the 1990s

“So, correct entertainment raises the whole standard of a nation. Wrong entertainment lowers the whole living condition and moral ideals of a race.” — The Motion Picture Code, 1930-1966

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