“Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion” by David Brinkley

Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion
by David Brinkley

The essays in this collection are a sampling of David Brinkley’s wit and journalistic insight selected from the codas of “ABC’s This Week With David Brinkley.” Because I tuned out the national evening news years ago, I missed Brinkley the first time around. I was glad to discover these “reruns.” Here are two samples:

July 1, 1984:

“… write a tax law simply to raise money, period. Don’t use the tax code to manipulate people’s lives, to encourage this or discourage that, to promote one social purpose or another. All of that can be done, if it has to be done, some other way. Just write the law simply and straightforwardly to raise money to pay for the government. That’s all. Beyond that, leave people alone to do with their money as they see fit. It is theirs, isn’t it?”

July 24, 1994:

“… Now we learn that in Washington about 3,900,000 pieces of mail were not delivered but piled up in trailers where they would not be counted as delayed. And included in this mess were huge piles of mail addressed to the federal government.

“It is interesting to speculate about what’s in that pile of undelivered mail. Maybe a letter from the president asking Congress to carry out his campaign promise to cut taxes for the middle class? That certainly got lost somewhere. Maybe it’s in that trailer.”

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