“Go for No” by Richard Fenton *

Go for No!
by Richard Fenton
Page Count: 80
Who Should Read It: People who sell and recruit.

Recruiting and selling are practically the same thing — most people do more of both than they realize. Each involves an effort to inspire, inform and encourage someone to form a positive opinion about something that leads to a specific action. We are selling when we share our positive feelings about a product or service with the expectation that our audience will make a purchase. Selling is not always about products and services. People “sell” their political ideas every election cycle.

We are recruiting when the expected outcome is forming a specific type of relationship. Recruiting is selling an opportunity. We recruit for our businesses, sports teams, clubs, civic organizations, churches, reunions, celebrations, and charitable activities. We even recruit our mate. So, this book is for almost everyone.

The writing style is a short novel, which makes it fun to read. The reader will take away the following basic ideas from the story:

  • The fear of no (i.e. failing)
  • A new success/failing model.
  • The difference between failing and failure.
  • What going for no will do for attitude.
  • What going for no will do for momentum.
  • Five levels of failing.

Your GPS

If your gut reaction to this book is that the author is playing mind games you might be correct. However, I prefer to think of it as mind therapy. There is no logical reason anyone should be afraid of failing. This short book is a simple cure for that debilitating disease.

“I looked at my life and realized that I’d spent most of it doing everything I could to avoid failing, and that’s what kept me from breaking through to the next level. Today, not only have I learned to accept failure and rejection as a natural by-product of the pursuit of excellence, but I’ve also experienced the amazing transformation that happens when you learn to embrace failure as a tool for achieving your dreams!” — Richard Fenton

God bless,

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