“Memories” by Margie Bong Drucker *

Memories: The Story of Dick and Marge Bong
by Marge Bong Drucker
Page Count: 111

As a boy, some of my fondest memories were the trips to the family cabin which required us to pass through the town of Poplar, Wisconsin. From the highway, if you were quick, you could catch a glimpse of the Richard I. Bong P-38 Memorial. This personal memory inspired me to read Marge Bong Drucker’s “Memories.”
For the record, Major Bong is America’s “ace of aces.” His record 40 air victories will probably stand for all time. This book is a fitting tribute to Richard Bong the man from Poplar, to Major Bong the American hero and to Dick and Marge Bong the storybook couple. There are also chapters about Marge’s life after Dick’s death on August 6, 1945 (imagine being a widow at age 21).

“Memories” is filled with enough photographs, facts, personal trivia, and heartwarming anecdotes to fill a scrapbook. Here is one of the many Bong stories that made national news.

“It was indeed a beautiful wedding — not simple but we had to agree with reporters who called it ‘The wedding of the Year.’ A United Press report coming out of New York on June 21, 1945, listed us as second in the Top 10 of 1,940,000 marriages within the last 12 months!”

I chuckled when I read that Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall came in fifth.

Every personal library should include inspirational biographies like the story of Maj. Richard I. Bong, “America’s Ace.”

God bless,

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