“Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot” by Al Franken

Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot
by Al Franken

Have you ever been snookered into hearing a “joke” whose only purpose was the shock created by an obscene and/or abusive expression in the punchline? You know, the kind that is void of any classic comedic technique — just offensive language. Well it happened to me when I was challenged [dared] to read this Al Franken book and its zillions of cheap shots about Limbaugh’s physique. In this case, the vulgarities I refer to are gratuitous, four-letter terms used in every possible grammatical form and far outnumbering his clever ideas.

The word steadfast describes both Franken’s admiration for Bill Clinton (the “Greatest President of the Twentieth Century”) and his loathing of Republicans who apparently are all fat, crooked, and/or stupid. Removing this sort of liberal falderal and the foul gas from the book would result in a nearly perfect vacuum.

Even though I did not like the book, I will admit, as a matter of fairness, that there were some nearly funny moments. The best and longest sustained example (a smile almost made it to my face), Chapters 40-42, together propose “an urgent need” for health care reform, legal reform, and entitlement reform. However, most of his creative attempts either come up lame or are sullied by pointless putrescence.

What is the difference between Al Franken and a bigot? Franken slanders his enemies one at a time.

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