“Pleistocene Redemption, The” by Dan Gallagher

The Pleistocene Redemption
by Dan Gallagher

The Pleistocene Redemption is science fiction with a soul. Instead of a story which worships at the altar of technology, it places science and its outputs into the correct context. That is, science is a tool for mankind’s understanding of the universe but not an end in itself. And like all tools, it can be used either for good or evil and usually for both.

This intriguing and insightful story finds a brilliant young geneticist (Kevin Harrigan) on a quest for the hidden mysteries of life. Along the way, you will get to know a cunning and powerful Middle East tyrant (Ismail Mon), Manfred Freund (Harrigan’s colleague, closest friend, and conscience), and Harrigan’s wife Tykvah. Author Dan Gallagher uses these characters to confront the reader with the moral dimension of science. But what makes this book different is how the moral issues are addressed. Instead of a morality based on a secular sociological theory or some vague unknown god, Gallagher frames the moral debate in terms of Judeo-Christian principles. Controversial? Perhaps. Riveting? Definitely!

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