“Rewriting of America’s History, The” by Catherine Millard

The Rewriting of America’s History
by Catherine Millard

This history book, like all history books, is about the events, people, places, and dates which mark the trail to the present. However, it differs from other texts by focusing on how events were influenced by the faith of our Christian founders and how the artifacts which mark them are disappearing. The format is predictable. Each section begins with a brief history lesson and concludes with one or more ways “historians” have tinkered with the truth through omissions, misrepresentations, reinterpretations, trivializations, one-sided interpretations, and arbitrary discounting of testimony by close friends and relatives. While she does stop short of outlining conspiracy theories, she more than implies that these acts are not accidental.

In one example, after describing the significance of the Virginia Bill of Rights and demonstrating the deep Christian faith of its author (George Mason), Catherine Millard writes:

“… in the Companion Guide Book to the 1989 PBS production entitled “The Supreme Court’s Holy Battles,” with correspondent Roger Mudd (available on videocassette for educational agencies, libraries, organizations and corporations), I was appalled to find that, in quoting the 16th and final article of the Virginia Bill of Rights, the authors had omitted the last sentence: ‘and that it is the mutual Duty of all to practice Christian Forbearance, Love, and Charity, towards each other.'”

Some of the other people, places, and things revisited include: Abraham Lincoln, Noah Webster, Ben Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, William Bradford, Christopher Columbus, The Library of Congress, The Statue of Liberty, Greenfield Village, Jamestown Virginia, Wanamaker’s Department Store, The Liberty Bell, Carpenter’s Hall, Independence Hall, William Holmes McGuffey, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.

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