“Tax Racket, The” by Martin L. Gross

The Tax Racket: Government Extortion From A to Z
by Martin L. Gross

We learned in Martin Gross’ earlier book The Government Racket: Washington Waste From A To Z how our friendly fed makes our money evaporate faster than perspiration in the desert. In this book, we discover how the tax man causes that sweat to flow from every pore. Perhaps the worst part is that we have come to accept both parts of the tax and spend process. In Chapter Fifteen, Gross writes:

Americans have accepted as normal the idea that if you’re successful and accumulate a million, or even less, that the federal government and your state are entitled to become partners of your heirs when you die.

A theme found in several chapters is the clever way taxes are given innocuous-sounding names like usage fee, license, and toll or how certain taxes are imposed on a small portion of the population while the unaffected look on with total apathy.

In football, when player after player dives onto the tackled ball carrier, a penalty is assessed for “piling on.” But in American government, the taxes are shamelessly piled on (forty chapters worth) layer by layer with no relief in sight. The solution, according to Gross, is a national sales tax to replace all federal taxes and eliminate the IRS.

© Copyright 1996, 2008, Clancy Cross.  All rights reserved.

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