“Things That Matter Most, The” by Cal Thomas

The Things That Matter Most
by Cal Thomas

Syndicated columnist and cable talk-show host Cal Thomas presents “old fashioned” American values in a collection of essays. Here are a few of my favorite excerpts:

“The Founders believed (and this was the purpose of the First Amendment) that the church needed protection from government, not the reverse.”

“I recall an exchange I once had on Phil Donahue’s show. Phil said to me, ‘The trouble with you conservatives is that you have such simple answers to complex problems.’ I replied, ‘The trouble with you liberals, Phil, is that you’ve ignored the simple answers and that’s why the problems have become complex.'”

“The words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ are thought to be a bigger threat to children in public school than some of the words associated with sex education? How many people, besides the Virgin Mary, ever got pregnant from a direct encounter with God?”

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