“Vanishing Republic” by Mark Anthony

Vanishing Republic: How Can We Save the American Dream?
by Mark Anthony

Here is a fun and stimulating book about the history, politics, and economics of American government. It warms up with a brief history lesson before presenting the all-important theme about the basis for American government.

It was clear to the Founding Fathers that people have rights and government has powers; and that the rights of the people are conferred onto them by their creator, and the powers of government are in turn, given to it by the people.

If this is false, there is nothing more to discuss and we should have no complaints toward the state of affairs in Washington. Clearly this is not the case. So, Mark Anthony, with wisdom beyond his years, a passionate patriotism reminiscent of our founding fathers, a sharp wit in his pen, and armed with the thoughts of dozens of great thinkers, has written Vanishing Republic to remind us where we came from, document where we are now, and show us how to get back home. In the process, he reveals many dirty secrets of politics like baseline budgeting, soft money, leadership PAC’s, and off-budget spending. We also get a lesson in Keynesian economics, the basis (i.e. excuse) for liberal economic policies.

As suggested by Vanishing Republic’s subtitle, Mr. Anthony offers remedies to our current plight, many which are familiar to conservatives but several with an interesting and possibly unique twist. For example, Anthony promotes the concept of a specific sequence of reforms in which each reform makes it easier to enact successive ones. He is very high on Dick Armey’s Freedom and Fairness Restoration Act which features a single rate (flat) tax as well as other lesser-known reforms.

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