“Whale Done!” by Ken Blanchard *

Whale Done! : The Power of Positive Relationships
by Ken Blanchard
Page Count: 131
Who Should Read It: People interested in improving their personal and professional relationships

The subtitle of this Ken Blanchard book is “The Power of Positive Relationships.” Blanchard has mastered the ability to take a few basic concepts, wrap a fun story around them, and create a helpful resource that sells like crazy.

This story, whether fact or fiction, demonstrates that we can learn from almost anyone or any experience at any time as long as we are able to see and hear with our imaginations. Who would expect to learn human relationship principles from an animal trainer? Not me, until I read this book.

It’s not fair to summarize a short simple book — it usually results in giving away the good parts. So, I’ll simply close by recommending this book for anyone that is in a position of authority either at home, at work or serving the community. It would make a good resource for any leadership training program.

God bless,

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Whale Done! : The Power of Positive Relationships

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