G’Day Mate!

Taking a page out of the radio jockey handbook, I’d like to introduce, after the “song’s been played,” Mr. Gary Lear of Sydney Australia, who became my blog’s first guest contributor (March 1st and 27th). I first met Gary and began collaborating with him in 1996 on a software commercialization project. Through a flash of inspiration and the services of LinkedIN, we recently reconnected and discovered a mutual interest in personal and professional development.  We’ve been talking, brainstorming, and planning ever since.  As a result, Development Beyond Learning (DBL) has landed on the shores of North America.

Mr. Lear is a co-founder and the majority owner of DBL, a multinational company that was formed in the year 2000 to provide personal and professional development through education, training, coaching, and mentoring services.  His specialties include: change management, leadership development, and values and direction facilitation.

Gary is also Chairman of the Board at Young Life in Australia, an international Christian youth organization. You can read more about his personal and professional background at LinkedIN and the DBL Website.

If you get a chance to meet Gary in person, you’ll discover a warm, caring gentleman with deep insight, a contagious personality, an engaging style, and a really cool accent!  More importantly, I hope YOU get an opportunity to discover first-hand what a DBL program can do for you and your company or organization.

God bless,

— CC

Development Beyond Learning, USA
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