Quotes 5/6/2014

“The pursuit of pleasure has almost no contribution
to life’s satisfaction. The pursuit of meaning is the strongest…
the pursuit of engagement is also very strong.  Where pleasure matters is if you have both engagement and you have meaning,
then pleasure [is] the whip cream and the cherry.”

–Dr. Martin Seligman, Ted Talk, February 2004

Insight on Commitment

This morning I read an inspirational message from “Daily Insights” by Zig Ziglar and Dr. Ike Reighard.

Love doesn’t happen because we use flowery words or express good intentions.
It becomes real in our difficult choices every day.”

What a powerful thought!  Love requires commitment, which is fulfilled by the big and small choices we make every moment of every day.  What a powerful reminder!

We could easily take the word “love” and replace it with others that are equally dependent on commitment.  Read the quotation several times, each time replacing “love” with one of the following:  friendship, relationship, growth, happiness, honesty, integrity, respect, success, faith, teaching, helping, world-class service, implementation, and victory.

Which one struck a chord within you?

Quotes Plus 1/11/2012

“For it is certain that there can be no happiness
if the things we believe in
are different from the things we do.”

— Freya Stark (1893-1993), British explorer, author.
The Lycian Shore, 1937, p. 27.

When our actions are inconsistent with our words, some call it hypocrisy. I call it schizophrenia.  Either way, we can’t be truly happy when we are at war with ourselves. Fix your beliefs if
you need to. Then surrender to them. Sign a peace treaty with yourself today!