The Value of a Ziglar Legacy Learning Experience

When you are aware of your thirst, you are already on the path toward dehydration.  Does that mean you are in grave danger?  Not necessarily!  However, it does mean that appropriate and prompt hydration is a good idea.

When we find ourselves mentally and emotionally thirsty it’s time for a different kind of action, such as: attending a Ziglar Legacy Event.  It just might be the first stage of a good idea that prepares you to become “healthier!”

The thought for today is…

…50 Reasons for Attending a Ziglar Legacy Event

During a Ziglar Legacy Event (or another similar engagement)
you just might…

  1. …learn something that’s new and life-changing.
  2. …be reminded of something valuable that you had forgotten.
  3. …be inspired like never before.
  4. …have fun!
  5. …discover an opportunity.
  6. …rediscover previous commitments you made to yourself.
  7. …meet the collaborative partner you’ve been looking for.
  8. …meet your next employee.
  9. …get a prospect referral.
  10. …make a positive impact on someone else.
  11. …set a positive example for someone else.
  12. …earn someone’s heartfelt testimonial.
  13. …take something home that you can share with others.
  14. …take home a book or recording for your own personal development library.
  15. …win a valuable door prize.
  16. …make a new friend.
  17. …discover an old friend.
  18. …reconnect with a former colleague.
  19. …inspire someone you meet.
  20. …encourage someone else.

    You might also…

  21. …spawn ideas for someone else.
  22. …take the first step of a new habit that changes your life.
  23. …discover what your career has been missing.
  24. …discover what your life has been missing.
  25. …discover what your team has been missing.
  26. …discover what your business has been missing.
  27. …discover your true purpose.
  28. …discover your true priority.
  29. …realize the value of a day away from the office.
  30. …learn a new skill.
  31. …practice a new skill.
  32. …change your perspective.
  33. …discover a hidden talent.
  34. …refine or restore a rusty talent.
  35. …realize that this event on this day was meant for you.
  36. …be challenged in ways that are new to you.
  37. …replace one of your limiting beliefs with the truth.
  38. …leave the event with renewed confidence.
  39. …overcome a fear.
  40. …clean up your stinkin’ thinkin’!

    You could even…

  41. …have a life-changing spiritual experience.
  42. …discover choices you never knew were available.
  43. …hear a powerful quotation.
  44. …hear an unforgettable poem, story or song.
  45. …discover how great it is to be around people who want to learn and grow.
  46. …rediscover how important it is to invest in yourself.
  47. …rediscover the facts of life.
  48. …return home with page-after-page of life-changing notes.
  49. …meet the perfect accountability partner.
  50. …shift into overdrive by a day full of “Aha’s!”

To identify the value.  Choose any three outcomes in the list above and ask yourself the following questions…

  • What would it mean to me personally and professionally to experience just three of these outcomes?  Would it be worth my investment of time and money?
  • What choices am I continually making that block me from the growth and development that will empower me to become the person I was meant to be?

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Is It Just a Coincidence?

During my morning drive time I had a chance to reflect upon the last 24 hours, which included a professional development experience dedicated to two related concepts: Performance and Engagement. As I pondered this theme I came across five words: hope, optimism, possibilities, opportunity and potential.  Thanks to this brief introduction, I’m positioned to ask you a very important question.  Here we go — I trust that you’re ready.  Suppose you were to think deeply about these five words, intent on exposing what they have in common. What would you find?

The answer, of course, is that they all contain the letters “O” and “P, side by side. Did you see it?  I did and I wondered if this pair of letters must possess something potent because even more OP and PO words soon popped into my head — optimized, open, options, opt-in, polished, empowering, popular, poised and polite.  I had stumbled onto a jackpot, an opulence of positivity!  Here’s my conclusion: The words are significant; the letter combos are just a convenient coincidence!

Just the day before, a group of business people met with me to learn and share their positions on “Performance.” The event was titled, “The Art and Power of Engagement.” At the heart of the experience was one of Zig Ziglar’s popular topics: “Positive Attitudes.”  What does it mean? How powerful is it? How can we have more of it in ourselves? How can we use engagement to empower people and help them develop positive attitudes?  The big question which points to the purpose of this story is this: “How does practicing the art of engagement transform lives?”

One more thing — in case you are compelled to count the number of words with OP and PO combos I’ll save you the trouble so you can focus your energy and attention on creating a culture of positivity. Here’s the list of 41 in the order of appearance:

·         Upon
·         Development
·         Pondered
·         Hope
·         Optimism
·         Possibilities
·         Opportunity
·         Potential
·         Positioned
·         Important
·         Suppose
·         Exposing
·         Possess
·         Potent
·         Popped
·         Optimized
·         Open
·         Options
·         Opt-in
·         Polished
·         Empowering
·         Popular
·         Poised
·         Polite
·         Jackpot
·         Opulence
·         Positivity
·         People
·         Positions
·         Power
·         Popular
·         Topics
·         Positive
·         Powerful
·         Empower
·         People
·         Develop
·         Points
·         Purpose
·         Positive
·         Positivity