Is It Just a Coincidence?

During my morning drive time I had a chance to reflect upon the last 24 hours, which included a professional development experience dedicated to two related concepts: Performance and Engagement. As I pondered this theme I came across five words: hope, optimism, possibilities, opportunity and potential.  Thanks to this brief introduction, I’m positioned to ask you a very important question.  Here we go — I trust that you’re ready.  Suppose you were to think deeply about these five words, intent on exposing what they have in common. What would you find?

The answer, of course, is that they all contain the letters “O” and “P, side by side. Did you see it?  I did and I wondered if this pair of letters must possess something potent because even more OP and PO words soon popped into my head — optimized, open, options, opt-in, polished, empowering, popular, poised and polite.  I had stumbled onto a jackpot, an opulence of positivity!  Here’s my conclusion: The words are significant; the letter combos are just a convenient coincidence!

Just the day before, a group of business people met with me to learn and share their positions on “Performance.” The event was titled, “The Art and Power of Engagement.” At the heart of the experience was one of Zig Ziglar’s popular topics: “Positive Attitudes.”  What does it mean? How powerful is it? How can we have more of it in ourselves? How can we use engagement to empower people and help them develop positive attitudes?  The big question which points to the purpose of this story is this: “How does practicing the art of engagement transform lives?”

One more thing — in case you are compelled to count the number of words with OP and PO combos I’ll save you the trouble so you can focus your energy and attention on creating a culture of positivity. Here’s the list of 41 in the order of appearance:

·         Upon
·         Development
·         Pondered
·         Hope
·         Optimism
·         Possibilities
·         Opportunity
·         Potential
·         Positioned
·         Important
·         Suppose
·         Exposing
·         Possess
·         Potent
·         Popped
·         Optimized
·         Open
·         Options
·         Opt-in
·         Polished
·         Empowering
·         Popular
·         Poised
·         Polite
·         Jackpot
·         Opulence
·         Positivity
·         People
·         Positions
·         Power
·         Popular
·         Topics
·         Positive
·         Powerful
·         Empower
·         People
·         Develop
·         Points
·         Purpose
·         Positive
·         Positivity



Quotes Plus 3/1/2012

“Suspicion often creates what it suspects.”
The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, p. 164.

The longer and harder I imagine a negative thought, the more
real it becomes and the more I fret over something that has
not and may not ever happen. This, I believe, is the essence of pessimism. Optimism is the opposite—a preference for creating
positive realities. To get from pessimism to optimism, I’ve
learned to change the tone of my “self-talk” to suspect a more
pleasant reality. By the words I say to myself, Dreary Lane
becomes a momentary detour, not my permanent residence.

“For myself I am an optimist—
it does not seem to be much use being anything else.”
– Sir Winston Churchill