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Here’s an excerpt from “The Power of Asking” by Daniel Cole

“Percy Ross once said ‘You’ve got to ask. Asking, in my opinion, is the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness.’ People are afraid to ask because they don’t want to look needy, foolish or stupid. They are afraid of experiencing rejection. There are afraid of hearing the word No. The sad thing is that they’ve actually rejected themselves in advance. They are saying no to themselves before anyone else even has a chance to.”

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A Moment With Words

I just finished reading “The Noticer Returns” by Andy Andrews.  This was a book I could not put down.  Here are a few thought-provoking excerpts:

  • “Most folks look for their car keys with more energy than they search for wisdom that can change their lives.”
  • “At some level everyone understands that good parenting is just life coaching at a high and very critical level.
  • “Everybody wants to make a difference, but nobody wants to be different. And you simply cannot have one without the other.”
  • What a person thinks is determined by how a person thinks.”
  • “… you should work hardest on yourself in order that you become more valuable.  Not for yourself, of course, or as an exercise in ego, but that one day you might find yourself valuable enough to possess the power to lead others to an understanding of the true value of their own lives.”
  • …the quality of our answers is always determined by the quality of our questions.”
  • …it is relatively easy to beat the competition. We do this by playing at a level at which most people are not even aware there is a game going on.”
  • “It can take a long time to prepare to change or to decide to change or even to want to change. Change itself, however, happens in a heartbeat.”